come and see

John 1:46 “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Nathanael asked.“Come and see,” answered Philip.


Creative Creation

IMG_0139We started last year (2012) right at the very beginning – the story of Creation – and wanted something for the younger age groups to do to help them remember the order, and to remind them of all the gifts God has given to us all.

This wall hanging is quick and simple. We did quite a bit of preparation before hand – cutting the card, the tissue paper, and the straws etc. – although if you are working with older children then they can do it more or less from scratch. Basically, make up each of the seven cards, attach them to a piece of ribbon (we just used staples to do this) and it is ready to hang. And you can make these really big, or really small, depending on your preference.

So, Day 1 – God forms light and the cosmos. Take a piece of black card and a piece of white card that is half the size of the black one. Glue the white card onto the black.


Day 2 – God forms the sea and sky: A piece of blue card to start with and glue on a smaller piece of blue tissue paper which has been scrunched a bit for texture. Make sure this one is put on the ribbon the right way up – the tissue paper is meant to represent the seas.


Day 3 – God forms dry land and plants: Here you will see some green paper has been glued to the black card – or you can just use green card to start with. Attach a 7cm length of drinking straw into which you put a small sprig of leaves/flowers.


Day 4 – The cosmos is filled with sun, moon and stars: An easy one this – black card with stickers or cut out shapes of stars, moon and sun!


Day 5 – The sea and sky is filled with birds and fish: Any colour background you want (you will have gathered that I had a plentiful supply of black!) and stickers or cut-puts of fish glued on. Either gather your own feathers (!) or buy some from a craft supply store. We found it best to staple the feathers on.


Day 6 – The land is filled animals and humankind: stickers/pictures of animals on one side of the card – give the children free rein on this, so they get to choose their own favourites. On the other half they can have either a picture of themselves (which I think is nicer), or cut one from a magazine.


Day 7 – God rested: Just a plain piece of card with a sticky label with the Bible verse printed on it – “And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that He had done.” (I know it looks like a spelling mistake, but honest, it wasn’t – the margins on the labels weren’t set correctly)


Attach the individual cards to the ribbon (in the right order) and there you have it

And as to what we talked about – well Vanessa’s talk is available to read here