come and see

John 1:46 “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Nathanael asked.“Come and see,” answered Philip.

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Christchurch, 22 February 2011, 12.51pm

1 Kings 19: 11-12:
After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. After …… came a gentle whisper.

There was an earthquake; but God was not there.
God was there in the still small voices;
In the hands of strangers who moved buildings brick by brick to free other strangers;
In the comforting hug given by a customer to a frightened shop assistant;
In the students shovelling silt and liquefaction;
In the neighbours, newly connected, sharing food, and water, warmth and comfort;
In the lifts given to unknown people;
In the baking given to workers clearing the streets;
In the passer-by who held the hand of a dying woman;
In the hundreds of kindnesses, small and large, freely given;

Don’t look for God in the earthquake – He is there when we reach out to each other.




Father’s Love Letter

Many of you will be familiar with the Father’s Love Letter – a series of quotes from the Bible which together tell of God’s love and care for us all. We very much wanted to use the words for this, but didn’t feel the imagery with the available presentations was quite right for our situation. So we put together our own version – and now I have worked out how to save it as a movie and load it on to YouTube we can share it with you:

The photos used are either downloaded from the internet copyright free, or are our own. The music is “Speak, O Lord” by Stuart Townend.

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Door Hanger – a quick & easy craft

IMG_0148I seem to have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks, so haven’t had time to look out any of our really great ideas to share with you. However, this door hanger is something that is not only quick and easy to do, but very adaptable.  You will see that we used the verse from Matthew 19:26 “With God all things are possible”, but a door hanger is really quite a neutral item, so you could use it with any Bible verse – or just get everyone to put on their own names.

Equipment needed: Card (or you may want to use craft foam sheets); foam and/or paper stickers; a printed Bible verse.


Each A4 sheet of card will make three hangers. With the card in a landscape layout, cut  it into three pieces. You will need to cut a hole in the top third of each piece so that it can go over the door knob. Now I am fortunate to have various bits and pieces of craft equipment, as I used to make a lot of greetings cards, so had this large oval hole punch to use, but if you do not have access to a punch, just cut a circle out – you could use either a compass or a small glass to mark the circle shape. Do note that if you are using craft foam instead of card, it won’t usually fit into the cutting slot of a hole punch.

Use stickers to decorate – this is a time to encourage individuality so that everyone has a very personalised item! Stick on the Bible verse, or write it directly onto the card. And there you have it – one Bible Memory Verse door hanger.


The Girl’s still got it

Last year we went to a Retreat weekend run by CWCI (Christian Women Communicating International), and held very locally for us (5 minutes drive down the road!) It was a great chance to unwind and share our love of God with other like-minded women. Good food, good accommodation, good company, and good teaching.

The main speaker for the weekend was Liz Curtis-Higgs teaching on the Book of Ruth – “The Girl’s Still Got It”. I must admit that I hadn’t paid that much attention to this book before – widow women going “home” to be looked after by family; big romance; Ruth & Boaz turn out to be the great-grandparents of King David. So, basically a book about genealogy, right?

Wrong! Liz opened up the meaning behind this book, delving into the background of the story, the history behind the animosity between the Israelites and Moabites, and the social conventions of the times.  And she did it with such humour – isn’t it great to laugh so much that you end up crying!

During the weekend she shared the first part of her “Righteous Ruth Rap” with us (a very condensed version of the story) and I would encourage you all to watch this on YouTube, if you haven’t already. And if you’ve already seen it – well, it’s definitely worth another look.