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John 1:46 “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Nathanael asked.“Come and see,” answered Philip.

The Lord’s Prayer (part 1) – I cannot say

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This week we focused on the Lord’s Prayer at our Come & See service. We have been encouraging the younger ones to try to learn this by heart and wanted some ways to help them fix the words in their minds, but as our services are made up of adults as well as children, we needed to give them some things to ponder. As a result this service had several elements which we would like to share with you. To make it easier to navigate we will use four separate posts for this, and we hope that some or all of them can be helpful to you all.

Below is the text of Vanessa message this week. You can also look at:- part 2 – a fridge magnet memory verse; part 3 – the Lord’s Prayer with props; and part 4 – review and recall.

The Lord’s Prayer – I cannot say….

Prayer is unnatural as we are inherently independent, trying do it in our own strength and that is one thing I think I have heaps of, strength, and it’s something I am constantly reminded of how little I really have. Luke had a favourite saying when he was two “Lukey do it” and has spent, and will spend many years developing and gaining independence from us, his parents.

So of course prayer can be unnatural as we need to become childlike again and hand back to God the independence we have worked so hard to obtain.

Be truthful when you pray.  Be honest about  how you are feeling. We all have things we keep locked up, hidden away, never talked about and shared. God knows what you are been through, what you are thinking and what you are feeling and if you aren’t being honest with Him, the only thing you must be is lying.

Prayer pursues a personal relationship with God and as with any relationship it needs time together to grow and develop. Just as the more time we spend with someone we find out more about them, it is the same with God.

In the reading today (Matthew 6v 9-13) Jesus talks about how to pray and gives us the Lord’s Prayer.

Here is something I have had for a long time and love the way it looks at it…

I cannot say OUR if I live in a watertight spiritual compartment , if I think a special place in heaven is reserved for my denomination, just my church alone.

I cannot say FATHER if I do not demonstrate that relationship in my daily life.

I cannot say IN HEAVEN if I am so occupied with the earth that I am laying up no treasure up there.

I cannot say HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME if I, who am called by His name, am not holy, or if I do not give His name the honour and respect it deserves.

I cannot say YOUR KINGDOM COME if I am not doing all in my power to bring about its coming.

I cannot say YOUR WILL BE DONE if I am questioning, resentful or disobedient to God’s will for me.

I cannot say ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN if I am not prepared to devote my life here to His service.

I cannot say GIVE US TODAY OUR DAILY BREAD if I am feeding on past experience.

I cannot say FORGIVE US OUR SINS AS WE FORGIVE THISE WHO SIN AGAINST US if I harbour a grudge against anyone.

I cannot say SAVE US FROM THE TIME OF TRIAL if I deliberately place myself or remain in a position where I am likely to be tempted.

I cannot say DELIVER US FROM EVIL if I am not prepared to fight it in the spiritual realm with the weapon of prayer.

I cannot say FOR THE KINGDOM if I do not give God the King the disciplined obedience of a loyal subject.

I cannot say THE POWER if I fear what people may say or do or think.

I cannot say AND THE GLORY ARE YOURS I am seeking glory for myself.

I cannot say NOW AND FOR EVER if my horizon is bounded by the things of time.

I cannot say AMEN if I do not also add “cost what it may” for to say this prayer honestly will cost everything.

(Message by Vanessa)


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