come and see

John 1:46 “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Nathanael asked.“Come and see,” answered Philip.

The Lord’s Prayer (part 2) – a fridge magnet memory verse

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(see also our other Lord’s Prayer posts: part 1 – I cannot say; part 3 – The Lord’s Prayer with props; part 4 – reveiw and recall)


As part of our service on The Lord’s Prayer the children made small fridge magnets with a printed copy of the prayer.  The idea for this one came from The Catholic Toolbox blog, for which many thanks. This craft uses popsicle sticks, a printed Lord’s Prayer, and sticky magnetic tape (if you cannot get hold of stick magnetic tape – which comes on a roll like sellotape – use up some of those free advertising magnets that always seem to appear)

IMG_0269The Lord’s Prayer needs to be printed in quite a small font – around 9 point- to make sure it will fit within the square you make with the popsicle sticks. Take 4 of the sticks and glue two on each side edge of the printed prayer; then glue two more across the top, and two across the bottom, making a square. It is up to you (or rather, the children) how much overlap there is on the corners. Stick magnetic tape/recycled advertising magnets to the back (best to do it on the four corners), and there you have it – put it up on the fridge and it can be read every time they head there for refreshments!


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