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John 1:46 “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Nathanael asked.“Come and see,” answered Philip.

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Elijah & the Prophets of Baal – 1 Kings 18

Last week we looked a the story of the Contest on Mount Carmel between Elijah and the Prophets of Baal. We illustrated our retelling of the story with two “altars” made out of cardboard boxes with cellophane flames. The altar for God had a hidden container into which we could pour water, before the flames were lit up from inside the box by a couple of torches being waved about.

The Story:
Well, we have been having an awful lot of rain recently, although I’m pleased to see that we actually have sun shining today. It is nice when the rain holds off for a bit – how long do you think would be good for us to go without rain? A week; a month; 2 months; a year?

How about 3 years? – would that be good? What sort of problems could that cause?

Well, I have a story about a time when there had been no rain in Israel for over 3 years. And why had there been no rain? Because the King, and most of the people, of Israel had turned away from God, worshipping false foreign gods. Most specifically they worshipped Baal, who was supposedly the god in charge of the rains. Now the prophet Elijah was sent by God to the King – King Ahab – to tell him that there would be no more rain – not even any dew on the ground – until the Lord God said so. So, three and a half years later and there has been no rain. The people have got fantastic suntans, but the food’s not growing very well, and there’s certainly no lounging around the pool – no pools!

Time for Elijah to put in another appearance:
“Hey, King Ahab. You getting thirsty yet? Are you ready to admit that there is only one true God and turn away from worshipping Baal?”

The answer was a definite NO!

“And what about you people of Israel? You can’t seem to make up your minds at all – if the Lord is God, follow him. If Baal is god, follow him. You can’t have it both ways”

The people just mumbled and looked the other way.

So Elijah proposed a contest “let’s see who is the real deal – Baal, or the Lord God. Only one of them is the true God, so lets get them to show us which one it is! This is what we’ll do. We’ll go up to the top of Mount Carmel – all the prophets of Baal, and all the prophets of the Lord God. Now how many prophets have you got? 450. Okay, and how many prophets of the Lord God are there? Oh, that’s right, I’m the last one left. I do enjoy a fair challenge!”

The prophets of Baal built an altar. They piled it high with plenty of wood, then they chose a bull as a sacrifice, killed it and put it on top of the wood. What they didn’t bring was any matches, or lighters (they didn’t have them in those days), not even any flint to strike sparks with. Remember, this was to be a show down between Baal and the real God, so they had to get their god to light the fire. Feeling very confident they called out to Baal “Light the fire! Light the fire!” All 450 of them. All at the same time. But no flames appeared.

So they threw in a bit more showmanship – shouting out; dancing and leaping about; singing; they even started cutting themselves with knives! But, still no flames.

This went on for about three hours. Round about lunchtime Elijah started ribbing them about the lack of progress. “What? Can’t he hear you? Could be he’s gone out for the day. Maybe he’s sleeping and you need to wake him up! Or perhaps he’s a bit hard of hearing – shout louder!

The 450 prophets redoubled their efforts – more noise! More dancing! More shouting! But still, no flames.

The evening came and they were all getting a bit hoarse – probably cold as well because, guess what? Still no flames!

Now it was Elijah’s turn. Just Elijah, all by himself. “People of Israel,” he said. “Come here and pay attention to me.” He took 12 stones – one for each of the 12 tribes of Israel – and repaired the altar of the Lord God, which was in ruins. He piled wood on the altar; he dug a trench around the altar; he killed his own bull and put that on top of the wood. And then…. well, he asked for water. Four large jars of it. And what did he do with the water? He had it poured all over the wood. Then he asked for four more jars and did the same with them. And then four more jars.

So there he is, with this soaking wet sacrifice on top of a soaking wet pile of wood on top of a soaking wet stone altar. Elijah lifted his arms and prayed “O Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel, and that I am your servant and have done all these things at your command. Answer me, O Lord, so that these people will know that you are God, and turn their hearts back to you again.”

And the flames came. The fire of the Lord God burnt so fiercely that not only the sacrifice and the wood were destroyed, but the stones vapourised in the heat; the earth all around was scorched, and the water in the trench surrounding the altar evaporated.

The people fell to the ground in fear and amazement – they now knew the truth, and cried out “The Lord – he is God! The Lord – he is God!”

But what about the rain?

Elijah sent his servant to look towards the sea. And all that he could see was blue skies – far into the distance, and as far as the horizon; blue skies.

Elijah sent him back for another look. Still nothing. Seven times Elijah sent him to look towards the sea, and the seventh time the servant reported “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.” And the sky grew black with clouds, the wind rose, and the Lord God sent a heavy rain on to the land of Israel, where the people had now turned away from Baal, proclaiming the Lord God to be the one true God.


The Message:
This was a story from the Bible I don’t remember hearing before  – and I loooove it, laugh out loud love it. I love the story of the challenge, one for God, 450 for Baal. I love how Elijah drenched  everything in water just to make it interesting, prove a point, push the limits, and how God didn’t just light the fire it was such an over-the-top bonfire the water evaporated and burnt everything to a cinder – and in my head I hear na na na na na.  I love this story it appeals to my sense of humour. And yes it is a good story but that is not why we chose to share it with you today.

So from this story – what can we learn about God? What can we learn about ourselves?

Elijah said “If the Lord is God follow him. If Baal is god, follow him. You can’t have it both ways.The first Commandment: You shall have NO other Gods but me.

Jesus said: Love the Lord God with ALL your heart, mind and soul. This is the greatest and the most important commandment.

We don’t put God first. I don’t put God first – not all the time, that’s the truth. I think I will have time to read the Bible, or have some time with him later, but the day disappears before I get to it, and that’s OK because I will do it tomorrow, really I will. Sometimes I don’t.

I have been thinking…. what is it that we are putting before God. In today’s society there is more emphasis on Jesus’s second commandment “You shall love others as you love yourself“ than on the first. You are taught to show respect, be kind to one another and to have good morals, but there is a growing resistance to having the Bible taught in schools. There is a resurgence of people looking for God in all kinds of spiritual ways – but not Jesus. And what is this new thing that at Christmas as a society we are starting to say Happy Holidays to each other instead of Merry Christmas. Why? because it refers to Christ and we don’t want to offend anyone who isn’t a Christian. It is Christmas – it has Jesus’ name in it, not to mention it celebrates the day he was born.

Where has God gone? We can’t change society or our community, we can’t change our friends, or our husband, wife, or children. Don’t look at anyone else – look up at God and then look in the mirror. That is who God wants to know and that is who he wants to change. And then, it is only through God that everything can change.

In this moment, lets stop and ask if there is anything in your life that takes precedence over God, where God doesn’t come first – you can’t have it both ways.

Elijah soaked everything in water so it would be so impossible to light a fire – it would take an act of God; it would take a miracle. There are symbols in the Bible that represent the Holy Spirit – a dove, wind, water and fire. Water and fire. Elijah was soaking the whole moment in the Holy Spirit. When you are praying for God to show himself and feeling outnumbered or alone – do an Elijah and soak that moment in the Holy Spirit, stand back and get ready for a miracle. Hey – even expect a miracle, it can get quite exciting. God likes to do the hard stuff, it shows that he is the one true God.

And so all the people turn fully towards God, not sharing him with any other worship. Then after a 3 year draught, the rain came, just like that – no. Elijah sent his servant out seven times to look for clouds. For the big bonfire moment, Elijah prayed and BOOM – action. Rain – that took time. Sometimes the miracle is BOOM just like that, sometimes it takes time, it just always happens in God’s perfect timing.


The Prayers:
Amidst the noise around us, the crying out in desperation for answers from today’s false gods, let us be still.

Let us lift our eyes to the Lord God and send our cries and pleas to the only one who can answer us. Let us wait in confident expectation of a miracle.

We cry to you Lord God, for those afflicted with an abundance of rain, and those afflicted with not enough. Work your miracles through us, that all may have sufficient food and safe shelter.

We cry to you Lord God, for those who suffer at the hands of their own governments – the very people who should uphold their rights and welfare. Work your miracles, that all peoples may know freedom and security.

We cry to you Lord God, for all who suffer in body, mind, or spirit. Work your miracles that they may find the healing they need, in you, and through those who are your hands in this world.

We cry to you Lord God, for those who do not know you; those who do not know that they are lost, who do not know who to cry out to. Work your miracles through us Lord, that we will shine as beacons, leading them to you.

Let us lift our eyes to the Lord God and send our cries and pleas to the only one who can answer us. Let us wait in confident expectation of a miracle.




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Extreme Makeover – the God Edition

Extreme MakeoverVanessa recently read in the Enjoying Everyday Life magazine from Joyce Meyer Ministries (March/April 2014 edition), an article entitled Getting Unstuck – learn to shake off the past and claim your new beginning. It starts with the sentence “Have you ever noticed all the people throughout the Bible that God gave a fresh start?” and that got us thinking about some of the fresh starts and “makeovers” we hear about in the Bible, giving us the springboard for this skit which we did last week. There are two speaking parts, with three more people needed to sit there and be talked about. The first is Moses, so try to get someone quite a bit older, second is Ruth, so a female, and the third is Paul. It is quite fun to not let anyone (even the participants) know who the “candidates” are -see if they can work it out from the hosts’ chat


First Host:
Thank you for joining us today for Extreme Makeover – the God Edition. Can we have our first candidate come up please. So you think God can still do something with you. Well I see here you have already had quite a life. When you were born your mother left you in the bushes where you were found by the Royal princess, and you were raised in the Egyptian palace alongside the Royal prince. Awesome. What an incredible start to life. Then you stuffed things up – big time. You saw an Egyptian beating a slave so you killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sand. When you knew you had been seem you ran away into the desert and settled with the Midianites. You have already had quite a life. Not sure how much time you have left, to be honest. I don’t know if there is really anything I can do with you. Sorry….

Second Host:
Well, you know what they say – where there’s life there’s hope. And at least he is still alive – just about. However, you know that other saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well, I don’t think that’s true in this case. In fact, I foresee quite a few new tricks up his sleeves in the near future. I think he could also be responsible for a significant increase in the numbers of certain species in the area – although that may not make him particularly popular with the local council! And if you want someone who will bring people together with a common purpose and goal, he’s definitely your man. I know he doesn’t look like he’s got much influence, but he’s going to be responsible for a significant change in the emigration policy of the country he lives in. And I definitely foresee travel in his future – in fact, quite a long journey. Sandcastles may be involved, although I don’t think he’s likely to be dipping his toes in the sea. He better have a good meal before he sets off though, as it might be only bread and water on the journey. Thank you for participating, Moses. You can return to your seat, and can we have our second candidate, please.

First Host:
You are from Moab – I can tell just by looking at you. You lot are not liked at all really. That is bad news; I don’t know what I can do with that. And you are a widow. And have no children. I don’t know who would want to marry you. Well this is really a challenge so, over to you …

Second Host:
Well, I can see there are a lot of negatives about her, but, you know, she is very loyal – just look how much she’s done for that moaning Minnie she lives with! There’s not many young widows who’d be willing to move to another country to look after their Mother-in-law, let alone end up doing manual labour to get the food they need to survive! I think you’ll find that she’s actually much admired for al that by the people off the town she now lives in. And look at how much she’s stepped out of her comfort zone – I mean, some of those suggestions of Mum-in-law were a bit close to the edge of acceptable behaviour, but this brave young lady was willing to follow through on those ideas, and I’m certain it will pay off for her. Yes, all in all, I think there’s a great future ahead for her: a happy marriage; elevation in social status; lots of friends – lots of children! I think you’ll find that she’ll be the matriarch of a great family – a Royal family even. You know, Kings, and people even more influential than that further down the line. Thank you for participating, Ruth. You can return to your seat, and can we have our third candidate, please.

First Host:
Here is a really big challenge. I can’t see what God could do with you because you are already very successful and respected. Actually, I would even say you are a man of great influence.

Second Host:
Yes, but he’s a bit prejudiced isn’t he? Got very fixed ideas about what you should and shouldn’t believe – and certainly seems to be in favour of extreme punishments for those that don’t think like he does. Mind you, I think he’s misguided more than anything else. Maybe a little holiday would help him see things more clearly – you know, get the scales to drop from his eyes. I hear Damascus Donkey Tours do a good deal. I know you think he’s the bees knees now, but with a change in focus he has the potential to influence half the know world. Get his passions engaged in the right way and the words will just pour out of him. He’s a great one for writing, you know, and I think that there’s a very real possibility that the things he writes will still be being read, and influencing people’s lives, hundreds of years from now. I’m not saying things will be easy for him from now on in. He’ll definitely be going on some long journeys – on some more willingly than on others – and some of the transport safety ratings might be a bit suspect. He might well have to rely on the charity of others for food and accommodation, and even resort to his old occupation of making camping equipment at times. But yes, you are right, he is a man of great influence – and will continue to be so for a very long time. Thank you for participating – sorry, is it Saul or Paul? You can return to your seat.

Would you like a change in your life. Maybe even an extreme makeover? All things are possible with God. He has done it before – He can do it again. We have picked only three out of the bible, but there are so many more people that God has transformed, both in the Bible and right up to the present day. Moses – the man who was abandoned by his mother, killed an Egyptian and ran away to the desert. Moses – the man who God used to bring the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery and who God gave the 10 commandments to. Ruth – a foreign woman from a place not like by many, and the fact that she was a widow and childless didn’t make her a catch either. But Ruth loved God and that made a difference. Ruth married Boaz, and they had a son, Obed, who had a son, Jesse, who had a son, David – the same one who killed Goliath and became King. And further down the family line there was Jesus. And Paul, a man who was very successful and respected for persecuting Christians, became persecuted himself for being a Christian. He wrote much of the New Testament and guided the early Christian church. You are not too young or too old, too shy or too loud, you don’t have too much history or not enough scars from life. You are a child of God. The same God who paints the sunrise and sunset has plans for us bigger and better than we could even imagine. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it —– if you are willing.

Written jointly by Vanessa & Gail

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God the Potter – Isaiah 64:8

You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8


Busy making play-doh – look at those colours!

We used this verse as our basis for the Extreme Makeover – the God Edition service. And what better way to illustrate that than to make play-doh. Am I the only person in the world that thinks play-doh is horrible stuff? Well, I was certainly in the minority on Sunday when everyone else enthusiastically joined in with making it.

For our prayer activity we asked everyone to make something out of the play-doh to represent what they wanted to bring to God in prayer. Those who wished to were able to speak about their creations. After the service, the kids got to take the play-doh home in jam jars.

This is the recipe we used for the play-doh:

2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tablespoons cooking oilIMG_06452 tablespoons cream of tartar
2 cups boiling water1 teaspoon food colouring

Mix all dry ingredients, add oil and boiling water with food colouring, mix well.




And Sharon Kirby has written a beautiful poem on the theme of God the potter – God is shaping me – which we used as part of our prayers.